Throttle body reset – 28-08-2008, 02:02 PM Hi guys just got VAG com and need to do a throttle body reset this is my own car 1.416v 1998 MK4 Golf. Never used it before and need to get car on road otherwise would read manual.
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Make sure the accelerator pedal is fully released. Turn the ignition switch on without starting the engine for at least 2 seconds. Turn the ignition switch off for at least 10 seconds. Again, turn the ignition on for at least 2 seconds.

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  • The kit included everything I needed. It all fit the way it should. After the install, I let the car warm up without touching the throttle. I then disconnected the battery for a few minuets to reset the computer. After I reconnected everything, I restarted the still warm car and let it run for 30 minuets without touching the throttle.
  • Throttle body reset – 28-08-2008, 02:02 PM Hi guys just got VAG com and need to do a throttle body reset this is my own car 1.416v 1998 MK4 Golf. Never used it before and need to get car on road otherwise would read manual.

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I have replaced the throttle body (used one eBay) and a new battery just in case. The wiring harness is good, I can hear a buzz at the throttle servo every time i switch the ignition ON. I can temporally fix it by resetting the adaptation values several times and it will work fine until I leave the bike one or couple of days parked.

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Apr 21, 2013 · Reset throttle position sensor idle position memory. Can't seem to find any direction that don't rely on the "Consult". Need info on how to accomplish this.

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• Throttle Body Replacement or modification • Throttle Body Cleaning or maintenance If you replaced an ECU, that ECU has its memory/setting locked onto to its original throttle body. Now if you put that into a new car with a "foreign" throttle body or vice versa, the calibration in some cases will not be correct.

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In-fact since our first throttle body in 1988, our line of BBK throttle bodies now covers most auto & truck models making it by far the largest offering of performance throttle bodies in the world. Also, since that first day in 1988, each & every throttle body has been 100% designed & built in the USA.

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Current throttle position is read from throttle potentiometer. Basically your TPS, mounted on your throttle spindle. So it will just read on through. Both values are displayed as raw input. Press Ok to exit. That just means exit, so initializing ECM please wait. Ensure throttle is fully closed throughout this operation. So right now it's doing the reset.

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Dec 09, 2014 · Re: Throttle body replacement and reprogramming It's true; the throttle body needs to be synched with the gas pedal since it's a drive by wire system. Had it done to my 07 for about $350. I was throwing the same warnings and was intermittent.

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Jul 18, 2017 · Do option 1,7 to reset adaptations. Drive around normally with no sudden throttle movements for about 15-25 miles so the DME can learn normal driving behavior and then do 2-3 WOT pulls (log these too and either post here or send to me) But, if you have the time definitely check out your throttle body and make sure everything looks good.

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Jan 09, 2013 · Hi again Was able to reset the throttle body from limp home mode. This picture helped me a lot: 06.10.2004: Saab 9-5 throttle body - Same than on a V4...

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