prophetic purposes of God in every age, and gives everything without compromise to be what God calls them to be and to do what God calls them to do. The mandate of the church is to go into the entire world. Not only to the cities, the suburbs or the streets of one‟s own country, but to the entire world. ...
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Julian Day Number and Moon Phase Calculator. Convert a date, Julian day number, Gregorian, or Julian Calendar date to see the phase of the moon and Earth's longitude for any date and time past or present with this precise tool for Bible time prophecy.

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  • 3BI Institute. Billye Brim Bible Institute is an accredited online Christian college. Encountering Bible Prophecy from the Witness of Dr. Billye Brim.
  • Sep 15, 2012 · Pastor Wilbert, good day, i myself am an apostle and as a word of advice i would say, you need a prophet to teach you about the prophetic moves, prophetic spirits, prophetic Spirit, prophetic ministry, prophets etc or find an apostle who understands how to flow in the prophetic. the problem is, you find that many people who say they are prophets they are destroyed by pride in a long run, trust ...

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The Gertrude Polk Brown Lecture Series - Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom. Thu, Sep 10, 2020 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM. The Temple, Congregation Adath Israel Brith Sholom

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Mar 29, 2020 · The Complete works of Nostradamus compiled in one PDF. 1. March 1555 the French scientist, doctor, and astrologist Michel de Nostradamus, better known these days as Nostradamus, sat down and wrote the foreword to his spectacular work Centuria.

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eBook – The Pattern & The Prophecy: God’s Great Code $ 7.00 Numbers and how numbers are related to each other in certain patterns are studied in this wonderful book, which helps one get the deeper meanings of numbers and even the deeper meanings of concepts that are normally expressed in words.

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Oct 10, 2016 · 10 toes are the 10 nuclear nations. 5 are republics just like rome was, usa, russia, france, uk, and india. the other five are clay monarchies. also interesting that the roman empire which represents the iron portion of the feet mixed with clay was a republic the definition of republic a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an ...

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A prophetic day: 1 literal year (Ezekiel 4:6, Rev 12:6, Numbers 14:34) A prophetic month: 30 prophetic days = 30 literal years (Rev 13:5) A prophetic year: 360 prophetic days = 360 literal years (12 x A biblical month) "A time" = a term signifying 1 prophetic year = 360 prophetic days = 360 literal years (Daniel 4:16, 32,

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Oct 21, 2018 · I'm all for studying end times Bible prophecy, and like good Bereans studying the Bible, using our brains to determine what makes sense and what doesn't. In my opinion many prophecies have come to pass on schedule; including ones ending in 1948 and 1967 dealing with Israel and Jerusalem.

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The theomatics code in the Bible has opened up the entire BIG picture as to why this world exists and why each person has been born. Also ANGELS.NET and ANGELS.ORG WELCOME TO THE ORIGINAL T HEOMATICS W EBSITE!

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Learn about Prophetic Ministries. Learn what Prophetic Ministries is all about. Devoted to the truth that God, Jesus, speaks if you have an ear to hear the Spirit.

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