Select the Deleted Items folder, and then click Folder > Policy in the ribbon. You should see that the folder policy is fixed at "Consumer Deleted Items (1 week)". Fortunately, the same properties dialog that shows the policy also has a workaround: Click the AutoArchive tab and set up an archive policy.
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May 15, 2020 · The default options range from 10 minutes to a week ago. However, if you select Custom at the bottom, you can manually enter how long ago you want to revert to, with a max of 30 days. Once you’ve...

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  • Aug 12, 2017 · Select the messages you wish to delete. You will know it’s done when you see the selection bubbles turns blue. Finally, tap “delete”. Delete with a third party application to delete older text messages. Sometimes, you just want to delete old text messages from your Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016), without losing the most recent ones.
  • Recurrence: Select how often you need the meeting to recur: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or No Fixed Time. Meetings can recur up to 50 times, so if you need more than 50 recurrences, use the No Fixed Time option. The other recurrence options will depend on how often the meeting recurs.

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If you know your account is getting deleted soon, or if you don't want to pay for the premium service to keep it, you can prepare in advance. It's best to start this process at least 30 days before your account is deleted so you have plenty of time to make the transition. Sign up to a free, web-based email account like the ones above.

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Jun 05, 2020 · How To Restore Deleted Emails. To restore the required emails, these can be moved from the Trash folder to the Inbox using the "move to inbox" option. It should be noted that the Trash folder holds emails that have been deleted in the last 30 days. With this feature in Gmail, it is possible to restore emails that may have been deleted accidentally.

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May 09, 2014 · The company says it deletes "snaps" from its servers after the message is opened, but admits people can still take screenshots of messages. When that happens, Snapchat sends the sender a notification.

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Nov 20, 2020 · Part 2: How to Recover Deleted AOL Emails within 7 Days. When you first delete an AOL email, it doesn't usually go directly to the "permanently deleted" phase. In fact, unless you have selected to permanently delete the file yourself, it should stay in your recently deleted, or "Trash" folder for 7 days.

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Learn how to delete only attachments from Gmail messages without deleting emails using Google Docs Delete only Attachments in Gmail without Deleting the Emails using Google Docs. Got the same here after doing this on 10MB mails (about 23 mails to process). It stop with this exact same...

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All of your login info will be in that e-mail. Check your junk/spam folder if you are using a web-based email service such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, since they sometimes mistakingly send our e-mails there. If you deleted the e-mail or you are still having trouble logging in, please contact our customer service center.

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Dec 02, 2015 · After your iPhone recognized automatically, choose the appropriate data erasing mode from the main interface. To delete WhatsApp messages, select “Erase deleted files”. Data erasing window will appear and you can choose from low, medium or high. Click the “Start” button and wait until wiping process completes.

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