5150 | Glamour Clearcoat Activator – Panel – 4.2 VOC (1 Quart/.946 Liters) Two Quarts included with purchase 5 STAR Xtreme’s #5125 Glamour High Solids Klearkote is a high quality, high solids acrylic urethane clearcoat for spot, multi-panel or overall repairs.
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Currently, the best automotive clear coat is the SpeedoKote SMR-130. SpeedoKote Glamour (about $179) is perfect for custom builders who are proud of their work, but don't want to break the bank to...

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  • Featured in this listing is a QUART of UC-210 2K HS Urethane Glamour Clear and two HALF PINTS of activator. This clear features low color, excellent flow and leveling, high gloss, and higher solids for a deeper and higher DOI finish that lasts. Product can be easily polished as needed for weeks. Mixes 2:1 by volume.
  • TOPCOAT CLEAR COAT Topcoat clear coats are typically applied to your vehicle over a colored Glamour coats are less sensitive to moisture as they dry slowly, yet you can still heat the coat to...

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How clear a finish reflects an image. DOUBLE COAT: One single coat of paint followed immediately by another. DRIER: A material used in a paint which enables it to cure. DRY: The evaporation of solvent from a paint film. DRY FILM THICKNESS (D.F.T.):

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Autobahn Ac-9044 Glamour Clear Coat 5 Qt Kit With Slow Activator. 129.99. View Details. High Teck 7160 High Solids Euro Clear Coat 21 Mix 7.5l 2 Gal With Activator.

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2 days ago · Acrylic lacquer paints can be costlier than acrylic enamels. The drying process is much slower than urethane paints and leaving a coat to sit for 24 to 48 hours before applying another coat is recommended. Because acrylic paint is lighter than urethane, careful consideration should also be used when selecting a primer.

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2K clear coat with very high chemical, gasoline, and weathering resistance for high-quality and longterm sealing of repair paint jobs and new paint jobs on cars and motorcycles. Features: Maximum resistance to abrasion and scratching Very s

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TOP LIST of Clear Coats For Metal of 2020 will help you choose THE BEST solution. Glamour Coat - A slower drying clear coat, it allows more leveling and is less sensitive to moisture.

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In the spec sheet it says the 2K Rapid Clear will dry in 1.5 hours (and if using a heat lamp can be sanded after 10 minutes) where as the 2K Glamour takes 12 hours. It also says that 2K Rapid Clear is Urethane-based so, I don't know if that means it would tend to yellow over time (still a novice with this stuff)?

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SprayMax® 3680061 2K Glamour Clear Coat 11.8 oz. SprayMax® 2K Clear Coat is a high-gloss 2-component clear coat for the permanent sealing of coated surfaces. Especially developed for parts and repair refinishing. This product has a long lasting resistance to weathering and to chemicals; it is very easy to polish.

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USC (US Chemical) makes the product as Glamour Gloss clear PN 3680061 or a Rapid Cut clear PN 3680062. The rapid cut dries much faster than the 'glamour gloss' product. That means less dust in the finish but also a little less depth to the clear.

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