Presentation on theme: "Face Recognition Method of OpenCV"— Presentation transcript 11 Fisherfaces Same approach as Eigenface Instead of PCA, uses linear discriminant analysis (LDA)...
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Although EigenFaces, FisherFaces and LBPH face recognizers are good but there are even better ways to perform face recognition like using Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOGs) and Neural Networks. So the more advanced face recognition algorithms are now a days implemented using a combination of OpenCV and Machine learning.

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  • 1 Content from this work may be used under the terms of the CreativeCommonsAttribution 3.0 licence. Any further distribution of this work must maintain attribution to the author(s) and the title of the work, journal citation and DOI.
  • I use OpenCV. For that I train Eigenfaces / Fisherfaces with 1000 Photos of 1000 different people (so 1 Photo Here is the code of openCV that returns the most similar label (with the lowest distance).

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Lancé libfacerec , una biblioteca moderna de reconocimiento de rostros para OpenCV C ++ API (licencia BSD). libfacerec no tiene dependencias adicionales e implementa el método Eigenfaces, el método de Fisherfaces y los histogtwigs de patrones binarios locales. Partes de la biblioteca se incluirán en OpenCV 2.4.

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Me he liberado libfacerec, una cara moderna de reconocimiento de la biblioteca OpenCV API de C++ (licencia BSD). libfacerec no tiene dependencias adicionales e implementa las Eigenfaces método, Fisherfaces método Locales y los Patrones Binarios Histogramas. Partes de la biblioteca que se va a incluir en OpenCV 2.4.

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Eigenfaces; Fisherfaces; Local Binary Pattern Histogram(LBPH) 以下演示一下Eigenfaces算法。其他算法只需要修改一下model即可,当然也需要一些小调整。 提示:Windows下,如果使用pip install opencv-python安装OpenCV可能会cv2.face找不到,需要使用pip install opencv-contrib-python重新安装。

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a mex implementation of OpenCV's face detector to be used in Matlab. Instructions for use and for compiling can be found in the Readme file. To use the Face detection program you need to set path in matlab to the bin directory of the downloaded zip file. "FaceDetect.dll" is used by versions earlier than 7.1 while

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参考文献: Eigenfaces vs. Fisherfaces: Recognition Using Class Specific Linear Projection Peter N. Belhumeur, Joao ~ P. Hespanha, and David J. Kriegman (1997) 在这里因为我假设我要识别的未知人肯定是训练集合里有的,所以我通过比较,选择最小的k就是这个人脸对应的训练集合的脸。

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THE EIGENFACES/FISHERFACES METHOD MAKES THE ASSUMPTION, THAT THE TRAINING AND TEST IMAGES ARE OF EQUAL SIZE. (caps-lock, because I got so many mails asking for this). You have to make sure your input data has the correct shape, else a meaningful exception is thrown. Use cv.resize to resize the images. This model does not support updating.

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Title: Face recognition using eigenfaces - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognit ion, 1991. Proceedings CVPR '91., IEEE Computer Society Confer Author

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En este post veremos como realizar reconocimiento facial en Python usando OpenCV, para ello emplearemos: Eigenfaces, Fisherfaces y Local Binary Patterns Histograms. Para poder llevar a cabo el reconocimiento facial, en primer lugar necesitaremos recolectar los datos, es decir los rostros de las personas que se desee reconocer, posteriormente entrenaremos el clasificador, para finalmente ...

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