There are certainly a few different features that make a shotgun 'tactical': 18 to 20-inch Barrel This length of barrel keeps the weapon short and maneuverable when used inside buildings or even vehicles. 18 inches is as short as you can legally go with a shotgun barrel without requiring a tax stamp and federal registration.
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Maverick Double Barrel Tactical Shotgun And 6 Pack Double Eagle Tri Shot Shotgun Shells Best Prices 2018 Ads, Deals and Sales.

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Browning Double Automatic Shotgun: Browning Arms Company FN Herstal: 12 gauge United States: 1955 Browning Superposed: Browning Arms Company: 12 gauge 16 gauge 20 gauge United States Belgium: 1922 Ciener Ultimate Over/Under: 12 gauge United States: 1989 Cooey 84: H. W. Cooey Machine & Arms Company: 12 gauge 16 gauge 20 gauge 28 gauge.410 bore ...

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A coach gun is a double-barrel shotgun, generally with barrels approximately 18" in length placed side by side (SxS). The name comes from the use of such shotguns on stagecoaches by shotgun messengers in the American Wild West and during the Colonial period of Australia.

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We have been making barrels for 500 years. Simply put, you can't find a better-made, more reliable barrel on the market. Period.

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For more than 200 years, Remington firearms have been forged from the untamed spirit that will always define the American spirit — Revolutionizing an industry.

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Pedersoli Howdah .45 LC/.410 Bore SxS Break Action Pistol 10″ Double Barrel 3″ Chambers 2 Rounds Color Case Hardened Receiver Walnut Grip/Stock Blued Finish $ 1,500.00 Pedersoli Howdah, .45 LC/.410 Bore, SxS Break Action Pistol

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