Dec 13, 2016 · Since DB2 is “housing” the large object data on behalf of the RPG program, all operations on the BLOB need to be done using embedded SQL: Exec SQL SET :IMAGE_SIZE=LENGTH(:MY_IMAGE); In summary, that is the unattractive manner in which an RPG program can work with a large object data column up to 2GB in size.
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They allow an application to pass input data to DB2 and receive output data from DB2. REXX applications do not need to declare host variables, except for LOB locators and LOB file reference variables. Host variable data types and sizes are determined at run time when the variables are referenced.

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  • BLOB, LONG RAW, SDO_GEORASTER, or ST_RASTER. Rasters are only supported in enterprise geodatabases, and which Oracle data type is created depends on the DBTUNE configuration keyword used when creating the raster catalog, raster dataset, or mosaic dataset. SHORT INTEGER.
  • BLOB and CLOB. MsDrdaService support for DB2 BLOB and CLOB is limited. MsDrdaService supports DB2 BLOB data type mapped to SQL Server VARBINARY(MAX), with an optional mapping to IMAGE. MsDrdaService supports DB2 CLOB data type mapped to SQL Server VARCHAR(MAX), with optional mappings to TEXT and NTEXT. Dynamic SQL BLOB and CLOB. BLOB to and ...

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This example illustrates how to extract data from IBM DB2 database columns of XML type and write it to a target CSV file. It also illustrates how to use XQuery statements embedded into SQL in order to retrieve XML content conditionally. The example requires access to an IBM DB2 database where you have permission to create and populate tables.

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Thank you for your input. I am about to try this; will keep you posted. I have one more question. At the source, the column name which has a blob data type with a length of 4194304 and the target has a varchar data type with a length of 32000.

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For Bit Data: Lets you use binary SQL to specify a binary character array for character SQL types. IBM database platforms support columns with binary data types by defining CHAR, VARCHAR, LONG VARCHAR, columns with the FOR BIT DATA attribute. LOB Unit: If the datatype is BLOB, CLOB, or DBCLOB, lets you select the LOB Unit measurement. Specify K ...

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Jul 20, 2012 · Run your query and review your data. Viola! It works. ... Reading text from a BLOB field. 71244. Margaret Nelson. July 20, 2012 10:21AM Re: Reading text from a BLOB ...

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Db2 V11.1 on Linux/Unix/Windows supports BOOLEAN as a column data type and such columns can be returned in a result set. Here is an example using the command-line-processor (at the bash shell): create table mytable( id integer, mybool boolean with default true ) DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully.

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DB2® provides three data types to store these data objects as strings of up to 2 GB in size: Character large objects (CLOBs) Use the CLOB data type to store SBCS or mixed data, such as documents that contain single character set. Use this data type if your data is larger (or might grow larger) than the VARCHAR data type permits.

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Use this data type only in a user-defined function or stored procedure to receive rows of a transition table. Do not use this data type as a column type. BLOB locator: USAGE IS SQL TYPE IS BLOB-LOCATOR: Use this data type only to manipulate data in BLOB columns. Do not use this data type as a column type. CLOB locator

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When a distinct type is involved in a cast, a cast function that was generated when the distinct type was created is used. How DB2 chooses the function depends on whether function notation or CAST specification syntax is used. (For details, see Function resolution and CAST specification, respectively.)Function resolution is similar for both.

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