This free AWS practice quiz consists of 20 questions with a mix of questions on core AWS services, including AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon API Gateway. Please note that unlike the real AWS Developer Associate exam, this free sample quiz is not timed – so you can take as much time as required to answer each question.
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You will build a bot that posts CloudWatch alarms to your Slack channel. Prerequisites: To successfully complete this lab, you should be familiar with AWS Lambda and Amazon CloudWatch through taking the introductory labs. You will need to have or create an account with the online service Slack to complete this lab-- instructions are provided.

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  • Goto Lambda Console and click on the Create a Lambda function button, then select Node.js 4.3 in the Select runtime drop-down; select node-exec blueprint (this is not important, you can choose any) by clicking on its name; in the Configure triggers page click on the empty square and select CloudWatch Events - Schedule from the list
  • To set the alarm back to an OK state, you would need to either wait for the message expiration for it to be removed automatically, OR you can force the removal of the message from the SQS Dead Letter Queue by manually triggering a Lambda function that removes the message(s) from the dead-letter queue.

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Create CloudWatch Alarms With AWS Lambda Function. This Lambda Function Will filiter AWS-EC2 Instances by tag ((cloudwatch)) then will Create the below Alarms for each instance.

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You can create a CloudWatch alarm that watches a single CloudWatch metric. An alarm can be in one of three status: OK means the metric is within the defined threshold, ALARM means the metric is outside of the defined threshold, or INSUFFICIENT_DATA, which means enough information has yet...

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Accessing CloudWatch Logs for Lambda. AWS Lambda automatically monitors Lambda functions for us, reporting metrics through Amazon CloudWatch. To help us troubleshoot failures in a function, Lambda logs all requests handled by our function and also automatically stores logs generated by our...

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Jun 07, 2019 · Many of us are using Cloudwatch alarms for triggering some action. It could be an SNS or a lambda function etc. We can use this AWS CLI command to temporarily set cloudwatch alarm state for testing purposes. We can change the state of the alarm “MyalarmName” to ALARM as follows.

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Create a CloudWatch alarm that sends an Amazon SNS message or performs an action when the alarm changes state. A metric alarm watches a single CloudWatch metric or the result of a math expression based on CloudWatch metrics.

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Create an IAM policy and role for Lambda function 4. Configure parameters of function code and upload code to S3 5. Create a Lambda function 6. Customize query strings and create scheduled CloudWatch event 7. Teardown Level 300: Automated CUR Updates and Ingestion 1. Create the CloudFormation Stack 2. Multiple CURs 3. Teardown Level 300: CUR ...

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Feb 28, 2017 · Whenever an alarm is triggered, infrastructure team and the team using that database instance are notified. So whenever we create a database, we just need to run our playbook. Upon execution of the Ansible playbook, all the alarms are created. Cloudwatch allows monitoring only system level metrics like CPU, memory, etc.

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