The_Ohiostater, is your user's screen blank and gray? I have this issue with exactly *one* user on the w2k3 server in question. Everyone else can log in with no difficulties; it's just her.
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Solved Windows 8.1 installation cannot complete Now stuck at welcome screen; solved Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome after login and advanced startup options loads a black. If you find that your Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista is freezing or crashing randomly, the reasons could be many, and the solutions many too!

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  • Sometimes you may get Your STB is blocked message instead of black/grey/white screen. You need to ask Your Provider to REMOVE the Virtual MAC completely. So, 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX must be DELETED from the Portal, completely! Not disabled, but REMOVED.
  • Nov 10, 2005 · To see what your computer "thinks" you have, right click on My Computer, click on Properties, click on the Hardware tab, and then click on Device Manager. Expand the node labeled Display adapters by clicking on the boxed plus sign in front of it: If it says something like "default" display adapter, then Windows does not know what kind of adapter you have, and what its capabilities are - thus is must assume the lowest common denominator: 640x480.

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Apr 29, 2019 · Grey Screen in IE 11 after newest DC update. Clients using IE11 get the grey screen when viewing the pdf, refreshing the pdf in IE11 works but is not a elegant workaround. Similarly adding the site to the trusted site in IE11 also fixes the issue but is not a clean workaround either.

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Grey Screen On launch of a Windows Server VDAs which were Upgraded from XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR to CVAD 1912 LTSR. March 1, 2020 March 3, 2020 Citrix Citrix.

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The boot would progress through the grey screen with the Apple logo and spinner, but just when it seems it should have switched to the login screen the Apple logo and spinner would disappear and hang on a blank grey screen. Initially I suspected hard-drive corruption and went about trying to...

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Normal startup has Apple logo, stops when progress bar reaches half way. Tried resetting PRAM and SMC. Pulled and reseated RAM. Booting in safe mode,

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The pixel is green and can be seen like dogs balls when the screen is black/dark. Its definately a stuck/active pixel because I have had the exact problem a few years ago with my monitor, I also ran a display test which goes through a range of colours to test what pixels are stuck and it was only the one and was green pixel on a black screen ...

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Full selectors: Contain all the elements needed to identify a UI element, including the top-level windowGenerated by the Basic recorderRecommended when switching between multiple windows Partial selectors: Generated by the Desktop recorderDo not contain information about the top-level windowActivi...

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I am getting constant hard freezes that force me to reboot my machine. This can happen a few minutes into a game session or an hour so. Sometimes, instead of a hard freeze the screen goes black/ grey and i see a loading screen like transitioning to a new area.

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Citrix XenDesktop 7.18 Video Codec Policy Region Visual Quality CODECS Used HW ENC* Do Not Use Region optimized Medium Static: JPEG (90) + 2D/MDRLE Video: Adaptive JPEG (10-65) No For Entire Screen Entire Screen Medium H.264 4:2:0 Yes For act, charging regions Region optimized Medium Static: JPEG (90) + 2D/MDRLE Video: H.264 4:2:0 Yes

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