The Ichthys connection. Ichthys or ichthus (ˈɪkθəs), from the Greek ikhthýs (ἰχθύς 1 st cent. AD Koine Greek ikʰˈtʰys, "fish") was the son of the Syrian fish-goddess, Atargatis. The Atargatis was the chief goddess of northern Syria in Classical antiquity. She is identified with the mother goddess Asherah (Akkadian Ašratu(m)) who was sometimes attributed to being a wife of Yahweh ...
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This is the promise of Aquarius, whose "living waters" flow from celestial heights to impregnate the human kingdom as a totality for a new birth of Personality for the birthing of the "Man of Plenitude" in our children and our children's children.

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  • The “plasma of the planets” is the electro-magnetic current that connects all planetary bodies to one another, delineating a web of intricate relationships within the solar system’s body-corporate. The pulsating plasma of the poles is the subtle electrical fluid that surrounds the earth and is concentrated there. Aquarius rules over electricity – from the gross to more subtle forms.→
  • In fact, our own potential divinity, a very orthodox idea, is affirmed by Iolo when he writes that “Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came down from Gwynvyd to the Little World in the condition of man, in order to teach, warn, direct, and inform those who seek to be divine.”

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Apr 11, 2011 · In the mythology he is both horse and man, the son of earth-bound Saturn and the grandson of heavenly Uranus.

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The ancient symbol for the sign Aquarius (into which our Sun is now entering) is that of the Water-carrier, the man with a pitcher of water. This passing of the Sun into the sign Aquarius is an astronomical fact, as any one can ascertain by writing to any observatory; it is not an astrological prognostication.

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Mishlei (Proverbs) 16 “The soul of the working man works for him, for his mouth forces him.” Sanhedrin 99b The soul of the man striving for Torah works for him, for while he works in one area of Torah study, his soul strives for him in another area. The Elya Rabba explains: One who constantly reviews his learning, it will become orderly for ...

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Welcome to Aquarius son You're a Legend. 9.

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In part 5 we discuss the biblical Son of Man, the age of Aquarius, the Reset event in the Biblical scriptures predicted for Aquarius to bring in the new golden age, the disappearance of Lake Zembre/Zaire on ancient maps after the Pisces 1660 and...

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And whoever shall speak a word against the Son of Man [Christ Himself], it shall be forgiven him, but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit [God the Mother] it shall not be forgiven him, either in this Age or in the Age [of Aquarius] to come." (Christ Jesus - Matthew 12:30-32)] And also against Christ, I will not tolerate `a word even'!

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Play jigsaw puzzles for free! Home. Son of Man. Jonas Brothers What a Man Gotta Do. 101.RU - Happy Hours.

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Aquarius Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1 Awesome Zodiac Sign Dates Per Serving January 20 February 1 shirt Skip to content DUE TO CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19), PLEASE ALLOW TO INCREASE AT LEAST 3 - 5 DAYS FOR DELAY.

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