Jun 16, 2004 · DDR memory is supplied by a low voltage stepdown controller whose minimum operating voltage 3.15V. This makes it ideal to be used with the 3.3V rail. Full PCI compliancy requires a 3.3V, 5V, 12V and -12V rail. Prior to the PCI 2.2 standard there was no requirement for the 3.3V rail.-Scott
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Mar 22, 2012 · 3.3V power goes nowhere! It goes to the great unknown. Pin 7 (MCU pin) is connected to ground through a resistor. Button Pressed: 3.3V power goes to Pin 7 (MCU Pin) - bypassing the resistor. The electrons will take the path of least resistance and as long as the resistor is of greater resistance than the pin, power will go from 3.3V to the pin.

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  • Jan 13, 2017 · For the 3.3V zener the voltage at A1 drops from 4.65V to 2.74V and when testing the 3.9V zener it drops to 3.12V (with 1K ohm resistor it drops to 2.8V). My concern is the 2.74V reading is in the range of the normal input when the probe and sensor are working.
  • Nov 11, 2020 · Of course when LEDs first came out the standard way to deploy them was to use a Voltage quite a bit higher than the forward Voltage of the LED (which is around 3V depending on semiconductors used) and put a resistor in series to determine the forward current and thus the brightness.

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In the following example, we know that we have 12 volts applied to a 10 ohm resistor. If you want to know how much power dissipation there is in the 10 ohm resistor, use the formula: P = E 2 /R P = 12 2 /10 P = 144/10. P = 14.4 watts The power dissipation in the resistor is 14.4 watts.

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Determining LED Resistor Values; DC-DC Step-Down Converter Overview ... +12V @ 5A and -12V @ 1A. ... This small module accepts 6-12VDC input and outputs both 3.3V and ...

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Standard types like 24V to 12V, 12V to 5V converters are still very well received. ... 36W, Plastic converter 12V to 3.3V, Step-down, 3A, 10W converter 12V to 5V, 3A ...

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Jul 16, 2002 · pm has a good suggestion with using the 5V and 3.3V as ground. If 1.7V isn't close enough for your tolerance, you could add a series diode (germanium type - thought the drop for that was *theoretically* 0.3V) then throw a couple of decoupling (parallel) capacitors on the output for stabilization. I'd use something like a 10uF and 0.1uF.

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Aug 03, 2008 · What value of resistor do I need to take 12V to 5v? I need to charge my iPod in mar car I have some resistors and other parts laying around how can I calculate what resistor I need to use? Update :

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Sep 19, 2019 · 2. The voltage of resistor (VR1) is what to look for! When both resistor and LED connected in series. Then parallel or across with the 3V battery. Thus, VR1 combined with VLED—voltage of LED— is equal to a 3V battery. When we know the voltage of LED is 1.8V so I know the resistor’s voltage is? = 3V – 1.8V = 1.2V. Therefore:

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Specifications Parameter Values Input Voltage 100 240Vac 50/60Hz Output Voltage 12v Output Current 4A Max Power 48W Dimension 59*41*26 5mm Type Wall mounted interchangeable desktop Energy Efficiency LEVEL VI Protection OVP SCP OCP Operating Temperature 0C – 50C Storage Tempereture -20C – 85C

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You still have 12.5V to drop somewhere else. In this case it across the resistor. Be aware that if your battery drops very far below 12V, your LED string will probably shut off. 3.5V + 3.5V + 3.5V + Current*Rresistor = pretty close to 12V.

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